Beca: Seminar on Energy Development and Industrial Policy for Foreign Officials Under Belt & Roa

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1355 - Seminar on Energy Development and Industrial Policy for Foreign Officials Under Belt & Road Initiative


Established in 1993, the International Cooperation Center (ICC) of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is a government institution directly subordinate to NDRC. For over 20 years, ICC has set up following divisions: General Office, Strategic Research Division, International Cooperation Division, Planning and Production Capacity Cooperation Promotion Division, Information Division, International Training Division, Industry Development Division, Mechanism Cooperation Division, Division of Major Events Organization, Division of Foreign Communication, Cultural Research Institute, Regional Cooperation and Opening up Institute, Industrial Development Institution, Globalization Institute, etc. In recent years, ICC spared no effort to establish itself as a new-type think tank focused on international cooperation, planning and consulting, policy research, high-level training and human resource development cooperation program, so that ICC has played an important role in promoting “Belt and Road” construction, international production capacity cooperation, China’s new urbanization construction and regional economic development. As a participant of the NDRC International Cooperation Joint Conference, a member of the National “Belt and Road Initiative” Leading Group Office, ICC focuses on major national strategies and key work of NDRC. Through expanding global view, grasping major trend, researching on major events and promoting key strategies, ICC implements major bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation mechanisms, explores mechanism and platform construction of international production capacity cooperation, and serves as a bridge and bond in going-out for Chinese companies. Since China’s economy has entered new normal stage at present, and the new and old momentum is changing, rapid developments take place in new industry, new type of business, new technology and new mode. Facing new economic growth trend, ICC aims at establishing new type international think tank, and actively makes research and judgement on economic trend and policy to provide intellectual support for policy and decisions of related companies, local governments and China. ICC is also active in building academic communication platform for gathering wisdom of reform and opening up, and brings its international advantages in developing high-level foreign academic activities.


Age: Under 45 for officials at or under director’s level; under 50 for officials at director general’s level Health: In good health with health certificate issued by the local public hospitals; without diseases with which entry to China is disallowed by China’s laws and regulations; without severe chronic diseases such as serious high blood pressure, cardiovascular/cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes; without metal diseases or epidemic diseases that are likely to cause serious threat to public health; not in the process of recovering after a major operation or in the process of acute diseases; not seriously disabled or pregnant. Language: Capable of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. Other Requirement: Family members or friends are not allowed to accompany with participants to the seminar.

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