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Introduction to Disaster Risk Reduction

Becas - AUCI

2295 - Introduction to Disaster Risk Reduction


Singapore Cooperation Programme Singapore has provided technical assistance to other developing countries since the 1960s. As a country whose only resource is its people, Singapore believes that human resource development is vital for economic and social progress. Singapore itself has benefited from training provided by other countries and international organisations. In 1992, the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) was established to bring together under one framework the various technical assistance programmes offered by Singapore. Through the SCP, the range and number of training programmes were increased to share Singapore’s development experience with other developing countries. To date, over 131,000 officials from more than 170 countries and territories have participated in our courses and study visits. The SCP is managed by the Technical Cooperation Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore. United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction


Applicants should be:

•Mid- to senior-level government officials involved in disaster risk reduction policy making and/or national emergency planning and management. These can include officials from planning and finance/budget office or health office;

•Able to attend all the synchronous e-learning sessions. They will require an internet-enabled device with Zoom installed, and an internetenabled device with functioning webcam, microphone and audio;

•Nominated by their respective Governments; •Proficient in written and spoken English; and

•In good health. Participants are required to comply with the following:

* Strictly observe course schedule and not miss training sessions, and;

* Carry out instructions and abide by conditions as may be stipulated by the nominating Authority or Government, the Government of Singapore, UNDRR and the Civil Service College, with respect to the course.

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